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Connect to Raspberry Pi with VNC Viewer

Make sure you have enabled VNC and SSH, on your Raspberry Pi. For instructions see my last post. On your computer install the VNC Viewer, and run it. In the address bar type the Raspberry’s IP, followed by the port

Setup Remote Development for Java or C++ using NetBeans

There are a few great options for remote development. Either Eclipse or NetBeans is at the top of the list. This is about NetBeans, and I’ll show you how to set it up. Install the Java SE Development Kit 8

Raspberry Pi Setup

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 and found the setup to be straight forward. Just follow the instructions provided with the board. In my case, all I needed to connect to the Pi was: HDMI cable(included) to a monitor (not

Why C++?

In a previous post, I had voiced my dislike of C++, and strongly favored coding in Python.  I am of the opinion that you need to choose the language based on the problem you need to solve.  You cannot deny

Why Python?

Why I choose Python? Higher level — The python interpreter does a lot low level work for you.  Computers are more efficient at moving bit and bytes around then humans anyway.  More of my time is thinking about solving the

Software for Technologists

When I was going through school we had access to software like  Matlab, Labview, and Multisim to prototype and test our electronics projects.  After graduation, it was clear that buying these products for personal use, and training was going to