Connect to Raspberry Pi with VNC Viewer

Make sure you have enabled VNC and SSH, on your Raspberry Pi. For instructions see my last post. On your computer install the VNC Viewer, and run it. In the address bar type the Raspberry’s IP, followed by the port 5901

Figure 1: VNC Viewer on Computer

If you can’t connect, go back to your Pi and verify you have the right IP address (I just hover the mouse over the wireless icon in the top right corner). Then open a console and start a VNC server. It should show “New ‘X’ desktop is raspberrypi:1” So port :5901 is correct. However in this case below the server has started using port 3. Go back to you computer and type :5903 after your IP address.

Figure 2: VNC Server on Pi

If all is working correctly you will see the Raspberry Pi Desktop on your computer

Figure 3: VNC Viewer Running

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