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Connect to Raspberry Pi with VNC Viewer

Make sure you have enabled VNC and SSH, on your Raspberry Pi. For instructions see my last post. On your computer install the VNC Viewer, and run it. In the address bar type the Raspberry’s IP, followed by the port

Setup Remote Development for Java or C++ using NetBeans

There are a few great options for remote development. Either Eclipse or NetBeans is at the top of the list. This is about NetBeans, and I’ll show you how to set it up. Install the Java SE Development Kit 8

Raspberry Pi Setup

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 and found the setup to be straight forward. Just follow the instructions provided with the board. In my case, all I needed to connect to the Pi was: HDMI cable(included) to a monitor (not

Why C++?

In a previous post, I had voiced my dislike of C++, and strongly favored coding in Python.  I am of the opinion that you need to choose the language based on the problem you need to solve.  You cannot deny

Buffett vs Watsa

So how have the best investors stack up?   The owner of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett and the owner of Fairfax Holdings, Prem Watsa.   Since 2013 (4 year performance): TSX  %22 S&P  %65 FFH (Fairfax Financial Holdings)  67% BRK.B

Graham’s Way–Case Study

How well does Graham’s way work?  Well back in 2013, I picked the following stocks, with the following criteria: Stingy Stock Criteria 1. A member of the TSX 2. Low Debt-to-Equity Ratio 3. Price-to-Earnings less than 10 5. Some Cash Flow

Beating the Stock Market

Apparently beating the returns of the S&P by picking the right stocks is foolish.  Read the following: Why It’s so Hard to Beat a Benchmark? The only person I know who has been successful is Warren Buffet, and he learned everything

Communication Cabling Reference

Some good cabling references from the internet, all in one place for easy reference:   Network Cable Wiring (CAT5)  RS485  Serial Pinouts (ModBUS)                  RS-485 Master/Slave(s) in a Bus Profibus **Make sure the

P&ID Piping and Instrument Diagrams

Usually the realm of the instrument mechanic, it is still good for the electrician have a good understanding of instrumentation he is wiring.  

Why Python?

Why I choose Python? Higher level — The python interpreter does a lot low level work for you.  Computers are more efficient at moving bit and bytes around then humans anyway.  More of my time is thinking about solving the